How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Earn Up to $50 an Hour

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how to become a pinterest virtual assistant Want to learn how to make money as a Pinterest virtual assistant?

Here’s how.

With over 330 million users, Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms in the world.

And, this presence allows bloggers and businesses to promote their brands as well as their products.

But, like all social media platforms, learning how to use Pinterest effectively to drive traffic to your blog or website isn’t always easy.

That’s where you come in as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

By helping brands grow their presence on Pinterest, people will pay you anywhere from $25 to $50 an hour. Better yet, if you do a good job at it, they might offer you a long-term position up to $5,000 a month.

Sounds good?

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What is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

As a Pinterest virtual assistant (VA), your main job is to help your clients grow their social media presence on Pinterest. This includes improving their Pinterest profile, personal boards, and creating new pins. It will also involve joining group boards and Tailwind tribes as well as honing their Pinterest pinning strategy to get more views, clicks, and followers.

Pinterest VAs are in high demand because many bloggers rely on traffic from Pinterest. But, some don’t have the time to create pins or keep analyzing their statistics. Meanwhile, others don’t like working on Pinterest because they’re not as skilled at it as they are in other aspects of blogging.

That’s where you come in.

You offer your Pinterest expertise to help them grow their business.

How Much Can You Earn as A Pinterest VA?

Pinterest VA can earn anywhere from $10 an hour all the way to over $50 an hour. Many average between $25 and $50 per hour.

But, it all depends on what skill set you bring to the table, how good are you at getting results, and what the potential client needs. Some clients only want you to create images. Others need a Pinterest VA for auditing their Pinterest accounts or optimizing them for keywords.

The fewer tasks you’re given the lower the rate. That said, an all-around Pinterest VA (one who’s tasked to do all the duties including create pin designs and adjust the strategy) can easily earn between $300 to $500 a month per client.

In most cases, you’ll be able to get multiple clients which allows you to increase your total take-home pay as a Pinterest VA.

Just to give you an idea, I know 3 full-time Pinterest VAs who earn over $5,000 a month. At this rate, they all work for one client each, but their contracts are for 40 hours a week. So, if you want to make that kind of money you need to find big clients that are willing to give you full-time positions.

How Do I Get Started as A Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

The key to becoming a successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant is to hone your skills on Pinterest. In order to be able to help your clients get results, you should be able to produce them yourself.

This is why many Pinterest VAs and Pinterest managers who offer their services often have high performing Pinterest accounts. By showing them that you’re able to get 2, 3, 5, or even 10 million monthly viewers from Pinterest and have ten thousand or more followers instantly makes you more credible.

That said, word of mouth works just as well.

Here’s how to get started as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

  • Understand that Pinterest is more search engine than it is a social media platform. People on Pinterest don’t chat or message one another. They also don’t post things to let others see what they’re doing. Instead, they’re posting content that other people are searching for, much like how people post on Youtube or how your blog posts come out on Google.
  • Research how to people use Pinterest. Understanding how they use Pinterest lets you know what skills to focus on. For example, getting followers or the most views on Pinterest isn’t the main priority of most businesses. Instead, it’s getting clicks and sales. So, the click-through rate is so much more valuable than millions of views or having 100k followers.
  • Learn Pinterest SEO. Like Google, Pinterest has its own SEO algorithm. As such, it’s important to learn how to do Pinterest SEO.
  • Follow big Pinterest bloggers. Some bloggers like Simple Pin Media focus solely on Pinterest. Their business runs on being an expert at all things Pinterest. This makes them a good source of knowledge. And, reading all their articles and subscribing to their newsletter would go a long way to you becoming a pro at Pinterest.
  • Start creating your own pins. Creating these images and pinning them on Pinterest helps you understand and learn what works and what doesn’t. Studying the successful pins and high-performing Pinterest accounts will help you get better as well.
  • Create and optimize your own Pinterest account. Last but not least, build your own Pinterest account. This is a great way to prove to potential clients that you know what you’re talking about. A successful Pinterest account with lots of followers and millions of monthly viewers goes a long way in showing clients you know what you’re doing.

How Do You Find Clients?

In the beginning, finding clients will be hard. This is friends, relatives, and people they know are your best potential clients in the beginning.

Similarly, getting paid will be harder. In most cases, the best way is to offer your services at a discount in exchange for a testimonial or case study you can publish on your blog.

This allows you to still get paid. More importantly, it gives you something you can use for marketing purposes. Testimonials and real-life case studies go a long way in showing people what you’re doing works. Thus, giving you the credibility they’re looking for.

Another option would be to offer your services on freelance marketplaces like Upwork. This gives you an opportunity to get in front of people who are actually looking for your services.

Finally, join Facebook Groups for VAs, bloggers, and small business owners. Somewhere there, you’ll find people who are using Pinterest and need help with growing that side of their business.

Like most startup products and services, don’t expect to have people lining up to hire you. You probably won’t hear back from most of the people you email. But, remember, all it takes is 3 to 5 people who do hire you to make a solid living as a Pinterest VA.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services

Like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest has a lot of different features you need to learn and excel at to become a successful VA. While this can be daunting, it also works in your favor once you become good at it.

The complexity of succeeding in Pinterest increases its demand for bloggers who either don’t have the time to learn the platform, can’t seem to get any traction on Pinterest or need to focus on other aspects of their business.

So, as a Pinterest VA, you can offer one, all, or a subset of these services. Doing so allows you to tier your pricing and created different packages to cater to different people.

  • Pinterest Business Account Setup. This is the most basic one. To make money on Pinterest, you need to set up a Business account. This includes setting up your brand, linking it with your website, and enabling the rich pin feature among other things.
  • Tailwind Setup. In addition to setting up a Pinterest Business Account, there’s also Tailwind. Tailwind is a software many bloggers use to schedule their posts on Pinterest. Because Pinterest encourages you to pin many times a day, ideally between 15 to 25 times, using an automatic scheduler like Tailwind cuts down the time and lets you keep pinning “hands-free”.
  • Pinterest SEO. At the core of Pinterest is its SEO algorithm. This allows it to decide what comes out when users search for certain keywords. Knowing Pinterest SEO and being able to optimize your pins for the right keywords allows your clients to get in front of their target audience more. This not only boosts traffic to their Pinterest accounts but also clicks to their websites.
  • Pinterest Account Audit. In addition to clients who are just starting out with Pinterest, there will be some that have been on the platform for a while. Some haven’t gotten the results they desire. Others will probably have stalled in their growth. Your job is to audit their Pinterest accounts and blogs to see how they can start increasing traffic from Pinterest.
  • Creating Pins. To make use of anything on Pinterest, you need to create pins. The pins act like posts on other social media accounts. But, because Pinterest is image-based, you need to create beautiful Pinterest pin images that other users like. This makes them repin and click through to your blog.
  • Schedule Pins. In addition to creating pins, knowing how to schedule pins in likewise another learned skill. Being able to do so effectively allows your clients to save time for other blogging duties. More importantly, a good Pinterest schedule can double, triple, or even boost traffic by 10 times.
  • Managing Pinterest Accounts. Managing Pinterest accounts covers all the different things. You can offer some packages that do fewer tasks and other packages doing all the tasks. Similarly, lower-priced packages may include fewer pins and pinning fewer times a month while higher-end packages include more pin image creation and number of times you pin each month.
  • Getting More Followers. While followers are not a big deal in Pinterest, many users still use it to gauge how “big” a Pinterest account is. Thus, having at least a few thousand followers goes a long way in creating credibility for your brand.
  • Analyzing Analytics. This is one of the most important things most bloggers don’t like to do. Analyzing your Pinterest statistics, Tailwind stats, and Google Analytics all play in your overall pinning strategy. And, it’s an ongoing process. Being a ninja here allows you to adjust the number of pins, which kinds of pins, when you pin, and how often you pin to get more traffic.

Some Final Tips in Becoming a Pinterest VA?

Finally, here are a few useful tips to help you succeed as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

  • Learn about your clients. Getting to know your clients, their goals and what their expectations are is key in a good working relationship. The only way to do this is to ask questions and let them ask you as well.
  • Be choosy about who you accept as a client. Be honest with yourself. Some clients can be stressful to deal with. Others are too demanding. A few are unrealistic about their goals. You don’t want extra hassles to keep you from focusing on the work you need to do which is get them results.
  • Get paid 50% upfront, the rest when the work is done. Getting paid before you being working allows you to make sure you’re compensated. Because your only contact with your clients is online, it won’t be easy to go after them for money after you’ve completed your services.
  • Flat fee is better than hourly rate. Hourly rates work. But It also changes how some people behave. Some people will make you work faster to save money. Other VAs will work slower to bill more hours. While you won’t be doing the latter, some of your clients may have come across unscrupulous VAs who’s victimized them in the past. So, setting a flat fee upfront and writing down the duties and goals expected helps everyone in the long run.
  • Over-deliver. Always over-deliver. Even if the client ends your contract after a month, your performance leaves a lasting impression. Giving them extra things like more pins and data to analyze increases the probability that they’ll recommend you to other bloggers or spread good things about your business.
  • Stay on top of Pinterest. Being a Pinterest VA means keeping abreast of all the updates, changes, and new rules. Since Pinterest is always experimenting with new things, you’ll need to stay on top of its algorithm and functionalities to be effective as a VA.


Becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant can be a very lucrative part-time or full-time job. More importantly, it allows you to set your own schedule and work from home. This lets you spend more time with your family while earning a solid income.

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