49 Gratitude Journal Ideas That Help You Appreciate Things Better

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Gratitude Journal Ideas

What are you grateful for?

Gratitude is a big part of being a happy person. But, it’s easy to forget to be thankful for things because you’re always bombarded with work, home life and other things.

This makes it hard to stop and appreciate things that are good in life.

I know this because I often find myself caught up in it.

You probably do too.

That’s why having a gratitude journal helps.

It lets you put your life on pause just for a few minutes to take stock on what’s positive.

What is a Gratitude Journal?

A gratitude journal is a written collection of things that you’re thankful or appreciative for in life.

It’s like a regular journal. But, what you write in it is focused on one specific theme. Things that you are grateful for.

Doing so allows you to keep track of positive things that have happened to you.

In doing so, it allows you to express your appreciation for them. Just as importantly, it’s something you can turn to during difficult times in your life.

Together, these features make it help you be happier. And see the brighter side of things.

In a way, it’s very similar other items where you log personal experiences and things related to you life.

These include diaries, planners and notebook. Here are their differences.

  • Gratitude Journal – focused primarily on documenting things that you’re thankful for
  • Other Journals – is a record of things. It can be about a single topic or contain a mix of different ideas, experiences or something more technical like scientific experiments. As such, a gratitude journal is just one kinds of journal. You can also have a prayer journal, bullet journal, food journal, travel journal, and many more.
  • Planner – is a log of things you do or need to do. It’s where you set down your plans or helps you plan things.
  • Diary – is a logbook that accounts things that happened to you. Often, it’s updated on a daily basis. As such, it contains personal daily experiences.
  • Notebooks– are used to taking notes on just about anything. They can contain your to-do lists, important things want to remember, phone numbers or things you want to do in the future.

Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

One of the main reasons people keep gratitude journals is because they’re beneficial for you.

They combine two things. Both of which offer specific benefits. And together, they allow you to become a better, more positive person.

  • Gratitude– has been proven to make you happier. It does so by allowing you to express positive emotions which affects how you approach relationships, your experiences and yourself.
  • Journaling– allows you to see things in perspective. It’s a feedback mechanism of sorts where you’re able to look back on your life and what you’ve done It also allows you to release any pent up emotions while letting you be more self-aware.

As such, you get the following benefits by keeping a gratitude journal.

  • Makes you more optimistic. Journaling things you’re thankful for allows you to stop and take minute to remind yourself of all the good things in your life.
  • Increases you level of happiness. Writing down things you’re grateful for allows you to express positive emotions that make you happier. It also boosts self-esteem and awareness.
  • It helps you maintain perspective on life. The entries allow you to get a better perspective of your life. You see all the positive things. And, it allows you to analyze different aspects of your life.
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps you relax and calm down
  • Allows you to reflect on yourself, relationships and life
  • Allows you to see the things you truly value in life
  • Lift up your mood on bad or down days. Going through your journal on rough days allows you to remember that life isn’t filled with the bad. But, it also has a lot of good in it.
  • Let things go. Writing and journaling allows you to let go of emotions. By focusing on the positive, you’re able to feel more optimistic.
  • No judgement. You can write anything you want. No one will ever see it. As such, there’s no judgement.
  • Allows you to notice more good things around you, however small. Because of how hectic and stressful life it, it can be easy to take the good things for granted. Writing them down helps you remember them and be more aware of them when they do happen.

Gratitude Journal Prompts and Ideas

So what do you write on your journal?

If you’re not sure what put down or are out of ideas for the moment, here’s a huge list of journal prompts you can try.

See which ones apply most to your life and start with those. From there, you can slowly go through the list and complete them all.

1. List 3 positive things you’re thankful for that happened today.

2. How you can thank your parents

3. Why you’re thankful for being alive

4. About a past failure that you’re now thankful for

5. Something you’re grateful for learning this week

6. Skill or habit your parents instilled in you

7. Thank a significant person in your life who’s now passed on

8. Your most recent accomplishment

9. Your biggest accomplishment so far

10. Things that make you laugh

11. What part of your life are your most thankful for?

12. Challenges that made you a better person

13. Things your parents sacrificed for you as a child

14. The freedoms you’re able to do

15. A friend who’ll never let you down

16. Write about something good a complete stranger once did for you

17. Something good that happened today you weren’t expecting

18. A long-time dream or wish that finally came true

19. Talents you were blessed with

20. Favorite memory of your grandparents

21. Talk about a person you’re grateful to have in your life

22. A habit you took up that helps you stay healthy

23. Write to someone who helped you whom you never thanked

24. An app that has saved you tons of time

25. A twist of fate that actually gave you a better opportunity

26. Classes in elementary, high school or college that helped you the most

27. Write a letter to your best friends

28. Places you’ve been able to travel to

29. A solution to a major problem you had

30. Your favorite hobbies

31. Something in nature you’re grateful for

32. A song that cheers you up when you’re feeling down

33. The last time you spent the entire day pampering yourself

34. Something that helps you sleep

35. Write about a teacher who went out of their way to help you back in school

36. You pet dog or cat who helped keep you company as a child

37. The traits people often compliment you for

38. One thing that makes you unique from others

39. Something you need to have every single day

40. Things that make you feel confident about yourself

41. Happiest memory growing up

42. Your favorite food or drink

43. Someone you take for granted

44. Things you’re naturally good at that others have a hard time doing

45. The thing you like most about your job or work

46. A book, video or lecture that changed your perspective on life

47. A gift you received this year

48. Something that makes you feel beautiful

49. Your favorite things


Gratitude is a very powerful tool in helping you become a more positive person.

By writing them down on a journal, you’re able to keep track of all the good things that have happened in your life.

This makes is doubly powerful allowing you to go back and remember specific situations.

In case you’re not sure what to write about or are out of ideas, the list above contains tons of journal prompts to help you.

What are you most grateful for? Let me know ins the comments below.

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