8 Highest Paying Apps You Need to Be Using

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highest paying apps Looking for ways to make extra money? Here are the highest paying apps you can join for free.

Below is a list of apps that pay you money.

You can use them in your spare time as well as when you go shopping as some of them offer coupons and deals that will help you get discounts on the items you purchase.

Let’s get started.

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Swagbucks ranks among the highest paying apps because it’s easy to earn money with very little effort on your part. For starters, you get a $5 bonus just for signing up.

Also, there are many different ways to make money. Its bread and butter is its surveys where you can earn cash for each questionnaire you complete. But, you can likewise make extra cash by surfing the web, watching videos, and shopping. The latter gives you a chance to earn cash back for purchases you normally make.

What’s great about having this many options is you get to choose which one you like doing most. That’s because the more time you spend doing it, the higher your earnings will be.

That said, it’s important to understand that different tasks come with varying payouts. So, you’ll need to observe to see which ones pay the best rates as well.

For every activity you complete, you earn points, which they call Swagbucks (get it?). And, 100 SB is equal to $1. So, the more tasks you complete, the more money you make.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for cash which is paid out via PayPal. Another option is to get paid via gift cards to big-name retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes just to name a few.


Survey Junkie

Another favorite high paying app we like is Survey Junkie, which has over 10 million members.

Survey Junkie is very much like Swagbucks in that you’ll get paid to complete surveys. But, it’s also different in how it works as well as some of its features.

Once you sign up, you’ll be asked to fill out some basic information including your zip code, date of birth, race, and gender. All of these data will be used to match you with brands looking for particular demographics that match their target customers.

Additionally, you can also complete different kinds of profiles to help the app get to know your likes and lifestyle better. Some options include your shopping, health, technology, travel, and interest profiles, just to name a few.

Why bother filling out this information?

The more you let Survey Junkie know about who you are and what you like doing, the better it is able to match you with targeted, higher-paying surveys. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for you, Survey Junkie, and the brand.

Besides the basic online surveys which join whenever you want, there are other higher-paying options you can join. Although, they’re limited in availability. So, it’s a good idea to mix them up with the higher volume, lower-priced surveys to maximize your profits. Here are a few of them.

  • Product testing – pays $5 to $50, but is available only about once a month
  • Online focus group – pays $25 to $100 per survey, but is available only once a month or less
  • In-person focus group – pays $25 to $150 per shot but comes around just once a month or less
  • Phone survey – pays $5 to $100 and is available once a month or less

As you can see, you can earn between $50 to $150 for these higher-paying surveys. So, they’re worth a shot even if they’re low in supply.

When it comes to payment, Survey Junkie also uses a points system. You earn $1 for every 100 points you accumulate. When you reach a threshold, you can redeem the points for money.

Last but not least, Survey Junkie is only available for residents of the U.S., Canada and Australia, at least for the time being.



Rakuten is better known by some people as Ebates which was the brand it went with since its inception. That said, the change of name hasn’t affected its status as one of the highest paying apps you can make money from.

Rakuten works very differently from Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. Instead of giving your surveys and asking for your opinions, Rakuten is a cashback app.

Cashback apps give you discounts via coupons upon checkout or give you a portion of your payment back after you’ve made the purchase. In any case, you get some cashback from the price you paid. In doing so, save money.

What’s great about Rakuten is the number of its partner stores. With over 2,500 retailers in its belt, you can get as much as 40% off from items you but in these stores. Better yet, these are big name brands like Amazon, Macy’s Target, JC Penny, Best Buy, and many more. So, you’re already likely buying things from these stores. Why not get a discount along the way?

The catch is to remember to use their app when shopping on these sites. Through Rakuten’s shopping portal you’ll be able to search and buy products from its partner retailers. Only when you do will you be able to avail of the cashback. So, don’t forget to login first.



MyPoints was founded in 1996 and currently is headquartered in San Francisco. Again, it’s very much like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie in that you get surveys to complete, plus a few other options.

Why bother signing up for so many?

With survey for cash sites, you’re playing a numbers game. That’s because surveys are matched according to your demographics (based on the information you fill out on your profiles). As such, there may be times when one app or site may not have anything you qualify or match for. So, having many of them give you more opportunities to earn cash.

Also, the more surveys you complete, the more money you make. So, who not join more apps, right?

MyPoints works in 2 steps.

Step 1: Earn Points

You can do so by completing surveys, reading emails, play games, watching videos, and other activities. You can likewise earn points when you shop by using coupons and deals.

However, it is worth noting that the number of points you earn varies depending on the store or deal you get as well as what kind of task you choose. To give you an idea, here are a few examples.

  • Answer surveys – you can earn up to 400 points
  • Watch videos – lets you earn as much as 500 points
  • Search the web – lets you earn as much as 170 points

Step 2: Get Paid

Once you accumulate enough points you can redeem them for cash, gift cards, or travel miles. It’s worth noting that there are different thresholds when it comes to redemption. For example,

  • You need 480 points or $3 for gift cards
  • You’ll need 3,970 points or $25 for PayPal (cash payout)

As you can see, gift cards are easier to redeem. Also, you’ll notice that one point equals about $0.06 or 6 cents, just in case you want to know.

In addition, there are a few other ways to earn as well. For starters, you can get a $10 sign up bonus just for joining. Also, MyPoints lets you save as much as 40% when buying items from its more than 2,000 partner retainers, which includes names like Home Depot, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart just to name a few.



Ibotta is another high-paying cashback app we like. But, what makes it different is that it works with grocery stores. All in all, it has 300 partner retailers where you can earn cashback for items you purchase. A few of the names included are Trader Joe’s Walmart and Krogers.

You likewise get a $20 sign up bonus to make quick cash. You can do so by downloading the Ibotta app and joining.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Once in, make sure to select offers you want to use before making your purchase. You need to let the app know before buying for the items to qualify. While you’re at it, make sure to read the coupons to see what the offers are all about before using them.
  2. After that, you can go purchase the items. But, make sure to keep the receipt. You’ll need to scan/take a photo of the receipt for varication.
  3. From there, Ibotta will match the items you bought from the receipt with the offers you selected.
  4. Finally, you’ll get cashback for the items with offers. You’ll see the amount funded back into your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

With Ibotta, the minimum cash out is only $20. So, don’t need to accumulate a lot before withdrawing. This beats some of the other apps where you may need to wait months before being able to get your money.


Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another legit way to earn money by giving your opinion on things. As of this writing, it has paid out nearly $8 million to its members.

Vindale is a good choice if you want to get a good bang for your time as it can pay as much as $50 per questionnaire. Thus, making it among the highest paying survey apps around.

That said, the actual amount you earn per survey varies significantly based on your demographic, the brand, and the industry you choose. For example, completing a political survey can pay out $10, while one on electronics can bet $14. Fashion on the other hand can go down to $2 or so.

Thus, you do need to track what kind of topics pay better since you’ll be able to choose the industry in which you respond to surveys. A few choices include

  • Health & Beauty
  • Home Improvement
  • Cars & Trucks
  • Shopping & Fashion
  • Politics & Current Evens
  • Popular Restaurants
  • Tech
  • Sports
  • Travel & Leisure

As you can see, these are all popular topics, which can make the entire process fun as well as profitable for you. Another great thing about Vindale Research is that completing surveys are worth cash, not points.

Finally, as with the other sites and apps, you’re not limited to surveys. You can likewise make money by watching videos and giving your feedback or reading emails.


Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is similar to Vindale Research in how it works. But, it focuses on surveys that help brands develop products. Thus, their products haven’t been created. In contrast, most of the other surveys are based on existing products and services.

Your feedback helps them understand what products may be in demand or something that people may want them to bring into the market.

Another difference between Pinecone and Vindale Research is that you don’t earn as much per survey here. The average survey lasts about 10 minutes. And, depending on what you get, you may be able to earn as much as $10 per survey.

So, it’s key to take more surveys to earn more cash here.



Like the others, Dosh is a cashback app. What makes it unique is that you link your debit and/or credit card to the app. Doing so allows you to automatically get cash back when you shop, travel, eat out, and spend at other establishments.

As usual, different cashback rates apply depending on the merchant. For example, Target gives you 1.25% while Walmart’s is much higher at 6%.

The beauty of linking your credit and debit cards is that there’s no need to scan receipts or log into a shopping portal to choose items before making your purchase. Likewise, you don’t need to remember or type in coupon or promo codes.

Instead, whenever you use the linked cards in a partner establishment, Dosh will instantly calculate how much you get back based on how much you’ve spent. Then, it will deposit the cashback amount to your Dosh Wallet.

As far as payout goes, you need to reach a $25 threshold before any funds are transferred to your PayPal account or directly deposited to your bank account.



We’ve compiled the list of the highest paying apps above to help you avoid scams and the headache that comes along with it. All of the sites and apps above have been tested and are legit. Plus, they’re rated well by Trust Pilot as well as the BBB (Better Business Bureau). That way, you don’t end up wasting your time and effort.

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