9 Legit Companies That Offer Virtual Assistant Jobs

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virtual assistant jobLooking for legit companies that offer virtual assistant jobs? We’ve got the best options for you here (and how much you can earn for each).

As a virtual assistant, you’ll be able to set your own schedule, decide on the hours you want to work and be able to work from home.

This makes it appealing for many stay at home moms and people who want to work remotely.

Here’s everything you need to know about working as a virtual assistant, where you can find a job, and how much you can earn.

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What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a personal assistant who works remotely. Depending on who hires you this can mean doing a variety of jobs (mostly administrative) or something more specialized.

Most virtual assistants, or VAs, work from home. And, contact with your boss or employer is done via phone, email, direct messaging, and video calls like Skype or Zoom.

It’s worth noting that virtual assistants are very different from call center agents in that as a VA, you’re not there to offer help or support to your employer’s clients. Instead, you do all sorts of work your employer may not have time to do or can’t do themselves.

This can include simple things like data entry, organizing documents, or clearing email inboxes. In other cases, it can including things like organizing their schedules and coordinating with their business partners.

Yet, you may also be asked to do more technical tasks like sales, SEO, fixing the backend of a WordPress site, writing content, or social media account management.

As such, virtual assistants are kind of a “jack of all trades”. That means that in most cases, no two days are the same, since you’ll be doing something different every day.

Alternatively, some people need a specialized virtual assistant to do a specific task they have no expertise in. For example, they might hire you to focus on blog maintenance like formatting content, making sure their website loads quickly, and fixing its design.

In other cases, you may be asked only to focus on social media management. In fact, many VAs specialize on just one social media platform like Facebook Ads or Pinterest account management.

How Much Can You Expect to Earn?

As a virtual assistant, you can earn anywhere from $5 an hour to over $50 per hour.

Yes, that’s a huge range. The reason for that is there are many factors involved. These include:

  • Who hires you. As a VA, you have a few options to find work One are the companies that hire virtual assistants. These give you a high probability of getting work. But, they’re also standardized because they hire a lot of people. As you’ll see below, different companies have their own price ranges. So, you’ll need to figure out which one is a better fit for you. A more tedious, but profitable way to make money as a VA is to find work yourself. This can be via online job marketplaces, entrepreneurs, or bloggers you know and networking with people in your target niche. While harder, it also offers higher-paying potential.
  • What you’re asked to do. Most VAs will be asked to do administrative work. Unfortunately, unless you’re an expert in task management, scheduling, or organization, it’s hard to stand out. This makes it more probable that you’ll earn the median VA wage. In contrast, having a specialized skill be it, link building, SEO, getting social media followers, lead generation, or driving traffic from ads, video or social media allows you to earn a lot more. As long as you have one skill that helps your employer make more money, they’ll be willing to pay you more as well.
  • How much experience do you have? Like most jobs, the more experience you have, and the better quality your experience is, the higher the potential earnings you can make.
  • What kind of results can you deliver? This plays a huge role in deciding how much you earn as a VA. For example, if you’re asked to do administrative tasks, unless you’re a ninja in organization and scheduling you likely won’t make a big dent in their bottom line. In contrast, if you’re an expert in Facebook Ads, YouTube marketing, or Pinterest marketing, and are able to bring in an extra 10,000 or 100,000 visitors to their site every month, they’ll be willing to pay you much more. The difference between the format and the latter is what dictates getting paid $10-20/hour and $2,000-$5,000/month as a virtual assistant.

All said it’s important to understand that majority of the VA jobs out there are contractual. That means they can last from a few days to a week or a month. If you’re lucky, it may extend to 3 or 6 months. After that, you’ll need to find more work.

Thus, it’s important to assess the job you’re getting in to. Some have long-term potential as many entrepreneurs, bloggers and small business owners enjoy working with someone familiar. Plus, if you gain their trust, they know you’re reliable and you perform well, they’ll likely extend your work tenure.

If you can land these types of jobs, it’s key to impress them quickly. This can lead to long term VA work where they’ll start paying you monthly instead of hourly. When this happens, your earnings will go up significantly.

Top Companies Offering Virtual Assistant Jobs

Worldwide 101 (Boldly)

Worldwide 101 is one of the higher paying companies that hire virtual assistants. But, you do need to have 7 or more years of experience under your belt. They also prefer individuals who have good communication skills.

If you meet those criteria, you can make between $18 to $20 an hour. Each application does take some time to process. On average, you can expect to wait 14 days before receiving a reply.

The good news is, if you’re accepted, they’ll give you 25 hour work weeks at a good rate.


Time Etc.

Time Etc. is another good option if you’re looking for administrative work. Thus, you’ll be asked to schedule appointments, organize files, fill up forms, and make travel arrangements among other things.

The pay ranges between $11 to $16 per hour. But, you can up your priority if you have blogging, writing, and social media experience.


Assistant Match

Working for Assistant Match involves replying to emails and voice mail on a daily basis. Those will be your main responsibilities. As such, you’ll need a reliable internet connection, good communication skills, and Microsoft Office.

Pay hovers between $12 to $15 per hour. But, if you gave graphic design skills and experience, you’ll be able to make as much as $20 to $25 per hour.


Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is one of the better known virtual assistant job options available. Here, you’ll be given tasks to complete. And, in doing so, you will earn between $3 to $7.

Because the pay is lower, I highly suggest trying out the other companies first before going with Fancy Hands. That way, you’ll maximize your potential.



FlexJobs is different from the companies above in that it doesn’t hire you. Instead, it is a job market where you can find virtual assistant jobs. Basically, employers looking for all sorts of freelancers come to FlexJobs.

This allows you to find higher-paying VA jobs compared to most of the other companies on the list. That said, you’ll need to apply for the job yourself by contacting and interviewing with the employer.

The downside to FlexJobs is that you need to pay $15 a month to get all the features and apply for job postings. That’s because they vet all employers before the approve their jobs listing. The time and effort it takes to do that are covered by your fee.

Thus, while you do need to invest a little with FlexJobs, you’re sure that the job listing and employers are legit. And, that you won’t get scammed.



Upwork is another job marketplace where freelancers and potential employers meet. Unlike FlexJobs, there’s no fee. This makes it easier to start with if you’re not ready to spend money to apply for jobs.

Similarly, Upwork has more job listings for all kinds of work compared to FlexJobs. Here, you’ll see job openings for writers, VAs, data entry, programmers, data analysts, graphic designers are more.

The downside to Upwork is that you’ll need to vet your employers yourself. Additionally, the pay, on average, is lower than those you’ll find in FlexJobs.

But, that’s not to say there aren’t gems there where you have small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for long-term VAs and are willing to pay $1,000/month or higher.



Fiverr is another option to Upwork. It works similarly in that you offer your services to potential clients who need a virtual assistant.

But, unlike Upwork where you can seek out job listings posted by potential employers, with Fiverr, you need to wait for the employers to see you out.

That’s because Fiverr’s set up is designed to work one way. In short, you set up your Fiver profile and page, where you’ll list your services and the prices for each. From there, you’ll need to wait for people to seek you out.

This makes it more passive unless you’re able to direct potential employers to your Fiverr page.



Smith.ai is another company that hires virtual assistants. But here, you won’t have the freedom to set your own schedule. Instead, you’ll work within their shifts based on the schedule you’re given.

Shifts typically last between 2 to 5 hours. Exactly how long depends on the type of work you get. Similarly, you can also work full-time for them if you wish. This means logging in 40 hours a week.

In more cases, your work here will be as a virtual receptionist. As such, it will involve fielding incoming calls, booking appointments, and transferring the calls as well.


Equivity VA

With Equivity VA your jobs will be focused on executive administrative work. You’ll do so remotely from home which gives you the freedom to stay with the kids as needed.

As far as pay goes, you can expect to earn between $13 to $19 per hour depending on which clients you end up working for.



Hopefully, the companies that offer virtual assistant jobs above allow you to find something that works for you. Many of them pay similar rates, so you’ll want to check out the schedule and tasks they require you to do. This way, you can make money from home while enjoying your work.

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