68 New Skills You Can Learn Today

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What new skill are you learning?

Learning is never easy.

Often, we’re really bad in our first few attempts.

Plus, it often takes time to learn something new. Some things being harder than others.

That said, there’s no better satisfaction that finally getting the hang of something you’ve always wanted to master.

So, if you’re looking for new skills to learn, below is a huge list of things you can try.

They cover different things, many of which are useful in life.

General Skills to Learn

This section covers genera life skills. They cover things from the very basic to those that you probably wished you learned at a younger age.

Talk To Anyone

As a child, your parents probably taught you never to talk to strangers.

But, as a grown up, there will be many situations where you’ll need to strike up a conversation with people you don’t know.

This is especially true in work.

Being an introvert, I’m all too familiar with those awkward silences when it comes to talking with people I’m not familiar with.

Don’t be like me!

While I’m still working at it, albeit slowly, I can tell you that it’s easier to open up to someone you just met when they can talk with anyone.

Speed Reading

Reading is the best way to learn. Whether you’re a blogger or work in other fields.

That’s because a lot of information is in text, be in on- or off-line.

And, while videos help a lot, you can’t always expect to have one that comprehensively explains a subject matter.

Take it from me.

As a kid, I used to hate reading. In fact, all through high school, whenever we were asked to write book reports or read something, I’d always check if there was a movie or video version first.

Not cool!

Speed reading takes you the next level of reading. It allows you consumer more information in less time.

Who doesn’t want to be able to do that, right?

Learn a New Language

Thanks to online booking and airlines traveling to all sorts of places, it’s easy to visit different countries.

Being a blogger, you have the distinct advantage of being able to travel anytime. That’s because you can work from anywhere.

This makes learning a language a helpful skill.

To make the best of your efforts, choose the languages spoken in countries you’re likely to visit.

Or, you can choose the most popular languages in the world cover cover as many places as possible.

Identify And Break Bad Habits

Everybody’s got good and bad habits.

However, identifying your bad habits and making an effort to break them helps make you a better person.

The thing with bad habits is that the can be of anything.

They can be work-related, relationship-related or even life and health-related.

So, learning how to actually modify these habits allows you to improve all aspects of your life.


Dancing is not for everyone. I know because I have two left feet.

But, if you’re a guy, and plan on getting married, you bet your life that your bride will want you to know how to dance.

Besides dancing is fun. And, its a great way to exercise and relieve stress.

The best part about it is, you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it.

Change a Flat Tire

Nobody likes getting a flat tire.

It’s bothersome, a waste of time and you need to get the tire vulcanized or replace it.

That said, knowing how to change a flat ensures that you’re in total control of the situation should it happen.

Jump Start Your Car

Getting stuck in the middle of the road sucks. But, it will probably happen to you at least once in your life.

It know it has happened twice in mine.

Much like changing a flat tire, knowing how to jump start a car keeps you calm in a possibly stressful situation.

Tell Jokes / Make People Laugh

This is one skill that I hope to one day learn.

Making people laugh is such a great skill, be it in social or business settings.

It allows you to quickly “break the ice” and make new acquaintances feel comfortable with you.

That’s goes a long way when meeting new people at networking evens, business meetings or getting to know someone on a blind date.

Time Management

For me, this is a total live saver. I was fortunate to learn how to manage my time during college.

And, got better at it when I started working because we were made to work very long weeks during my first couple of years at my old job.

Time management allows you to optimize whatever time you have. This lets you take advantage every minute.

In doing so, you’ll be able to get more work done so you can enjoy things later.


Thanks to social media, taking photos is now a big part of anyone’s life.

The problem is, you don’t always have the right lighting or get the best angles.

That’s why knowing Photoshop helps. You’ll be able to fix these photos to make them look great.

Similarly, knowing Photoshop as a blogger goes a long way.

It allows you to make eye-catching images that make your content pop.


For some reason or another, the world is becoming a less safe place.

You hear more and more of people bad things happening to you.

And, you never think that that it could happen to you.

The problem with bad things is, they only need to happen once.

I can still remember the night I almost got mugged walking home through the park. Thankfully, my shock (and probably adrenaline) kicked into action. Literally.

Because he startled me, the moment I felt the threat I raised my left leg and kicked him right between the legs.

And made a run for it.

Maybe it was the all the martial movies that made me do it. Or, the UFC and wrestling that I watched.

Whatever it was I’m thankful it did.

How To Start a Fire

If you like the outdoors and spend a lot of time there, starting a fire is a basic skill that can likewise save your life.

Most people will never need it.

I know I probably will never need to know how to do it. But, it’s always a good idea to have those extra skills in case they actuall do.

Survive On Your Own / Be Self-Sufficient

This is something I truly feel every teenager or someone of college age should learn. Maybe they should even teach it in schools?

My reasoning ins that everybody will need to to do it one day.

Unless you’re born with a trust fund, you’ll likely need to know how to put food on the table, pay the bills and make rent. You’ll also need to know how to do laundry and all the other life chores.


I’m sure you and I both hope we never have to deal with a situation where we need to resuscitate someone.

But, like Forrest Gump says, “Life’s like a box a chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”.

So just imagine the helpless you might feel if someone you love is lying lifeless. You know 911 is at least a few minutes a way. But, you don’t know what to till then.

If you’re like me, I truly regret not learning CPR.

Do The Heimlich Maneuver

The Heimlich Maneuver is very similar to CPR.

That is, they’re very simple to learn and can save someone’s life.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen someone try to catch their breath but can’t. It’s downright frightening.

I remember that feeling when my friend, who’s allergic to chicken. Yes, chicken of all things, right?

Suddlenly went into panic. His face started swelling. Worse, the swelling started closing his throat and began gasping for air.

Fortunately, we were able to get to the ER in time.

I know it’s a different story, but that’s probably how someone who’s choking, unable to breathe felt like.

I can tell you how helpless I felt while we drive through traffic to the hospital.

What To Do During An Emergency

Knowing what to do during an emergency is another crucial life skill.

Again, it’s something you’ll probably never have do face alone. But, it’s always be better to be prepared.

Emergencies are tough because they can be anything.

And, the moment they happen, your body quickly goes int fight or flight mode.

If you’re not used to it, it’s easy to start panicking and letting stress take over.

That makes it more difficult to think straight.

Skills to Learn That Will Help You Make Money Blogging

From the general life skills above, it’s time to move on to blogging skills.

Let’s face it, blogging is a lot of work.

I found that out fairly quickly after realizing there are more than 5 important aspects you need to learn just to build a successful blog.

That said, know the right skills and developing them over time lets you achieve your dream life.

So, it’s well worth your time and effort.


Marketing is at the heart of blogging.

In fact, I’ll dare to say that marketing is at the heart of every business.

That’s because you need to promote your business and its products in order to get the word out.

That’s how you’ll make money.

And, only by making money will you be able to sustain your business.

Blogging as a business is no different. You need to let people know about your amazing content and your offerings.

That allows you to get everything else, including traffic, build your email list and sell products.

Writing For The Web

Writing for the web is completely different from writing a letter, essay or report.

That’s because people read blogs and websites differently.

They skip, skip and choose what they want to read.

Seldom will anyone read an entire blog post from start to finish. Instead, they’ll jump from the start to the middle and to the end.

Only then will they decide whether or not they want to read it in its entirety. Or, pick out interesting sections.

As such, knowing how to write for this kind of reader allows your blog to get more engagement from visitors.

Not sure how? Read this article to learn how to write and format a blog post.

Differentiate Yourself

In marketing, this is called your Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

In simple terms, it’s asking yourself, “What makes my blog different from the thousands out there?

And, following that up with, “Why will people read my blog instead of any of other blogs in my niche?

If you can answer those questions, you know how to differentiate yourself.

Basic HTML And CSS

Thanks to WordPress and other online tools, this has become optional.

Nevertheless, it helps to know the basics.

That’s because once in a while, you may end up having to tweak little things.

That’s when this basic knowledge of HTML and CSS goes a long way.

Provide Value

Providing value is a skill that’s not limited to blogging. It’s something you need to learn as a person.

If you’re courting someone, providing value gives you an advantage over other suitors.

Similarly, at work, providing value to your boss and company makes you indispensable.

As a blogger, doing so makes your readers come back. Often, asking for more.

That’s when you can start creating offers that will quench their thirst.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money blogging.

Because you’re selling other peoples’ products, don’t have to do a lot of the setup and post-sales service.

That said, affiliate marketing is both art and skill.

It’s knowing what to do step by step. And, also what to say to convince people to consider your recommendations.

Creating Ebooks

Ebooks are probably the easiest products you can create.

They work well as opt-ins to attract people to signing up for your email list. And, they work well as a product too.

That said, creating an good ebook requires some experience.

You need to learn how to:

  • Create the ebook’s outline
  • Know what to write it in
  • Do the actual writing
  • Proofread and edit
  • Format the pages
  • Convert it into a PDF without messing up the formatting and images

As such, learning how to do all these steps is key if you want to sell an Ebook.

Creating Digital Products & Services

Creating a product or service offering is a lot more complicated that writing an Eboook.

That said, they’re more profitable as well.

That means it’s important to learn how to streamline the process such that:

  • You get everything you need to do
  • But, not spend a few months doing it

This means understanding all the components. And, figuring out the best processes and systems to make each task efficient.


Learning SEO is essential if you want to get traffic from Google search.

And because Google search offers the largest traffic potential out there, you’ll likely find yourself spending a lot of time doing SEO at some point in your blogging journey.

While it’s not easy, the hard work definitely pays off.


Research is crucial for any blogger.

You probably already know this.

That’s because knowing how to research allows you to learn new things. In blogging, knowing how to research lets you:

  • Figure out all the different steps you need to start a blog
  • How to get traffic to your website
  • Find ways to make money blogging
  • Figuring out how to make certain strategies work
  • Learn how to use Pinterest for traffic and marketing
  • And many more.

Analyze a Niche

Knowing how to analyze a niche allows you to choose a niche that’s profitable.

This includes understanding a niche’s:

  • Topicsand subtopics
  • Audience
  • Competitors
  • Products

Want to narrow down your options fast?

Check out my list of profitable niches.,

Adapt To Change

This is another essential skill every entrepreneur or employee needs to learn.

If you’re like me you’re a creature of habit.

That is, I like following a specific routine.

On certain times of the day, you’ll find me working out. On other times, I’m drawing.

Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of big changes.

But, I’ve gotten much better at adapting to them.

You probably don’t have this problem.

But if you do, it’s important to see change as an opportunity as opposed to chaos that ruining your order.


This in one thing that not many blogging gurus will tell you in their courses.

Blogging is all about patience.

  • It takes time to build SEO traffic.
  • It takes time to grow your email list.
  • It takes time to gain your readers’ trust.

As such, it’s important for you to understand that it’s okay to keep working and see very little progress in the beginning.

Because in due time, all that effort, collectively will snowball into results.


In addition to marketing, networking is another crucial skill for bloggers.

Networking is the ability to grow the group of people you know.

In doing so, you find more friends, collaborators and partners.

This goes a long way in blogging because you’ll need their help somewhere down the road.

Write Emails

Emails are one of the most useful ways for bloggers to get in touch with others.

This makes it an important skill to develop. That is, knowing how to write them.

This includes:

  • Personalizing it for the specific individual you’re sending it to
  • Making sure you get your message through
  • How to write emails for different purposes
  • And many more

That’s because you’ll end up writing to:

  • Other bloggers
  • Companies and big brands
  • Your audience

For each, you’ll use a different tone, approach and message.

Hiring And Managing Virtual Teams

When your blog grows, the only way to scale any further is to hire people.

That is, to outsource some of the work.

This requires the ability to know how to hire the right people.

And, after that, be able to manage your team wherever they may be.

This will allow everyone to stay coordinated and work towards the same goal.

Make a Business Action Plan

As a business owner, it’s important o be ale to formulate a business action plan.

This sets out all your goals.

And, also the steps you need to take in order to make achieve them.

Business plans also keep you on track.

This ensures that you don’t end up doing things that don’t align with your goals and values.

Speak To An Audience

Public speaking is something I’ve never gotten used to.

Any time I need to get up on a stage in front of more than 10 people, especially people I don’t know, I get anxious.

But, it’s a “necessary evil” I know I need to face.

If you have the same problem, you probably know it too.

As such, learning to speak:

  • In public
  • On Video
  • Or Livestreams

Are all skills you may want to consider learning.

Go Through Your Inbox Efficiently

Sifting through email is time consuming. You probably already know that.

Yet, the fear or missing out makes us need to keep checking it regularly.

Sometimes, a few times a day.

One way to cut down the time you spend going through your inbox is to learn how to do it efficiently.

This saves you time so you can do more important things.

Basic Accounting And Bookkeeping

I know, you probably hate accounting.

Unfortunately, every business owner needs to know accounting, at least the basics.

Like you, I used to hate it too.

That’s until I realized that the job I wanted required it. Not only that, the better you are at it, they better you’ll be at your job.

You see, in finance, accounting allows you to analyze financial reports down to their very core.

This means being able to make forecasts. And, also weed out those who are doing financial shenanigans.

Once I understood that, accounting became one of my favorite subjects.

Funny how the mind works, right?

Persuade And Influence Others

Persuasion is very much related to marketing. Yet, it’s completely different.

It’s convince people to do something often for your benefit, without sounding like a used car salesman.

That goes a long way when dealing with your audience, other bloggers and brands.


Like persuasion, negotiation is another life skill that you can use a a blogger.

Just as you may convince your cable company give offer you a discount or lower rates, you can likewise convince brands you work with.

This allows you to get good sponsorship deals or affiliate commission rates.

That said, depending what kind of blogger you are, you may never need to do any kind of negotiating.

Set Goals

Whatever you’re doing, you need to know how to set goals.

Proper goal setting allows you to grow as a person and a blogger.

More importantly, it prevents frustration and false hopes.

Often, that’s the difference between something who keeps on going and someone who quits after a year of so when things do work out.

Create a Schedule

Anyone can create a schedule.

But, coming up with a schedule that’s balanced and allows you to be very productive is another story.

That’s because it takes skill and experience to do so.

But, when you learn to do it, your schedule will save you time and help keep you from burning out.

Learn How To Use New Tools/Software

Blogging covers a lot of tasks.

Thankfully, there are tools to make those tasks easier.

In many cases, the tasks reduce the time you have to spend doing something. That’s because they’re able to automate it.

So, don’t be afraid of learning new tools. Embrace them.


Facebook is the biggest social media platform around. And, it’s one of the best ways to increase audience engagement.

Best of all, you probably already know how to use all its features. So, things will come naturally to you.

Some useful skills when it comes to Facebook for bloggers include:

  • Creating and growing your Facebook Page
  • Building your Facebook Group
  • Doing Facebook Lives
  • Using Facebook Adsto get more subscribers


As a beginner blogger, Pinterest should be one of the things you need to be focusing on for traffic.

Because it’s a search engine, Pinterest allows you to get visitors to your blog almost instantly.

While it may start in trickles, that traffic can grow into the tens of thousands fairly quickly.

This allows you to monetize your blog while you work on SEO.

Grow And Manage Social Media Accounts

Social media in general is a great source of traffic.

Plus, it has the distinct advantage of allowing you to engage directly with your readers and potential fans.

This makes it it a very valuable thing to learn.

And, if you’re good at it, you could offer your social media managing services to other bloggers for a fee,

Basic Graphic Design

You don’t have to be a graphic design ninja to make beautiful images. But, knowing the basics and how to use at least one tool to create art goes a long way.

That’s because blogs have lots of images.

And, the more eye-catching they are, the more likely people are going to notice.

If you’re on Pinterest, basic design skills allow you to drive more traffic to your blog.

In fact, top Pinterest marketers get over 5 million monthly views on their accounts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the biggest key to making over $5,000 a month.

If you’re not doing it, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

That’s a shame because you may already have all the other things in place.

When it comes to email marketing, there are a few things to learn. These include:

  • Building an email list
  • Making opt ins and freebies
  • Creating sales funnels
  • Knowing what to write to your subscribers
  • And a few other things


Video is getting bigger and bigger.

And, YouTube is at the center of all things video.

Even if you’re blog is all about written content, you can benefit from YouTube to drive new visitors to your website.

Over time, you’ll be able to use Youtube as another medium to market your brand.


Copywriting is all about selling. But, you get to do it in words as opposed to talking.

In blogging, you’re trying to convince your reader every step of the way.

  • On Google search and social media, it’s to encourage people to click on your post
  • On your blog posts, it’s to comment, click on certain links or sign up for your newsletter
  • In your email, it’s read the next email or click on a link
  • In your sales page, it’s to buy your product

All of these instances make use of good copy to try and convince people to do something.


Learning to tell stories is the best way to get people to listen.

More importantly, people love stories.

As such, it lets you drive your point to them. And in many cases help convince them to buy a product.

That said, telling a story in marketing isn’t the same as those you tell your friends.

This is why it takes time to learn to tell a good story.

Data Analysis

Analytics now plays a huge part in blogging.

From your website statistics in Google analytics all the way to understanding where people click on your blog. This is all data analysis.

Data analysis helps you understand what’s happening. Things like:

  • Which marketing strategies are working
  • What are your most popular blog posts
  • Which type of posts should you write more of
  • How can you fix the design of your blog to make people sign up more
  • And others

Analyzing Your Metrics

Being able to analyze your stats lets you make decisions that will affect the growth of your blog.

That’s why it’s always important to have the right tools like Google Analytics set up.

But, knowing what to do with the information you get is another story.

This skill allows you to pick one design over another.

Or, to use one copy instead of another.

In short, being able to analyze your site’s data eliminates the need for guessing.

Content Marketing

One harsh reality every blogger realizes after they publish their first post is that nobody’s likely to read it.

That’s why writing a blog post isn’t just about typing the article.

You need to market your newly published content too.

That’s why content marketing is a big part of driving traffic to your blog.

Knowing How To Sell

Once your sites gets consistent traffic, you’ll soon be able to build a solid email list.

What do you do with that list?

This is when it’s time to sell.

As such, knowing how to sell goes a long way because that’s where you finally turn all the hard work into cash.

In short, it’s payoff time.

But, only if you know how to convert your readers and loyal fans into buyers. That’s why selling is so important.

Blogging: Niche Specific Skill

In blogging, choosing a niche is one of the first things every new blogger has to do.

And, because your niche will determine what you’re writing about, it’s crucial to learn everything you can about that particular topic.

Here are some skills that will come in handy, based on popular money-making niches.

Learn To Cook

Food blogs are big business. They’re one of the most popular types of blogs around.

One reason is that everybody has to eat.

But, more importantly, everybody enjoys good food.

Learning to cook not only allows you to start a profitable food blog, it also lets you make your own meals.

So, whether they’re on a budget or living alone, you don’t have to live off of Chinese takeout.

Eating Healthy

Another option you can take is something that’s food-adjacent. That is, nutrition.

Eating healthy lets you focus on a food-based health blog.

This lets you talk about food and its effects on your body and mind. Plus, your cooking skills can come in handy as well.

Weight Loss

This is one of the most profitable niches around because nobody likes having the extra pounds on.

From a health perspective, you want to lose any excess weight to help you feel better and live longer.

If you’re concerned with your looks, you know losing weight will make you look better in your clothes.

As such, learning how to help people lose weight is a great skill to know because of the high demand for it.

Paleo Or Keto Diets

These are among the most popular diets today.

In part, it’s because they help you lose weight without doing any crash dieting.

That said, it’s not easy to learn the entire process.

That’s why people often turn to blogs for help. The information and community are big part of learning how to properly use the diet to get what you want.

Exercise & Fitness

Fitness is one of the biggest niches around.

More importantly, there are many ways to approach this niche. Among them is teaching people how to work out for a specific purpose.

Whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle, eliminate back pain or recover from injury, having this skill gives you the opportunity to help others.

Clean, Organize And Declutter

If you’ve lived on your own for at least a little while, you know how important this is.

And, the better you are at it, the better your home will look.

That goes a long way when you have guests.

This is why these topics make for a good blog.

Everyone knows it will help them, be it save time, look neater or do things better.

Home Repairs

Everyone has experienced the hassle of something at home breaking.

Whether it’s the faucet, door know or small electrical stuff. When they happen, you’d like nothing better than to quickly be able to fix it, right?

That saves you time and the money for calling in someone to repair it.

As such, learning basic home maintenance repairs and hacks allows you to start your own home improvement blog.

Saving And Budgeting

This is both a life skill and something you can blog about.

Knowing how to save money, create and follow a budget will help you make the best use of your hard earned money.

And, it still baffles me why it isn’t taught in schools, especially college.

I would have rather taken one of these courses rather than the extra English class, knowing that it would be something I’d use throughout life.

Play The Guitar

Among the musical instruments out there, the guitar seems to be the most popular one people want to learn.

The piano comes next.

That said, learning how to play this instrument allows you to teach people to play it.

Better yet, offering a course allows you to teach thousands of people at the same time.


Photography is something more and more people are learning.

One reason is that taking amazing photos is crucial for social media success.

But, if you’re a blogger, it gives you another advantage. That’s the ability to create relevant photos for your articles anytime you need them.


Whether you live in an apartment, condo or house with a backyard, you can always garden.

The best thing about gardening is that it’s calming.

Plus, you get some exercise.

But, make no mistake, it’s a skill that requires commitment.

Much like taking care of a pet, you need to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it, if you want to grow a healthy garden.

The good news is, you can parlay that knowledge into a profitable blog or business.

DIY Crafts

DIY crafts is big business. That’s because lots of people want to be able to create things for themselves.

In addition to starting a blog to teach people how to do their own crafts, you can sell what you create as well on Etsy.

Drawing, Watercolor Or Painting

Art is another good skill to learn.

Although, I’ll be honest with you. It’s not as lucrative as DIY crafts.

However, you can still do well with an art blog.

That said, you can likewise use these skills as a freelancer. That’s because many bloggers like having unique graphics and images on their blogs.

Sewing, Quilting And Stitching

These are some other popular niches that fall under crafts. But, you’re better off choosing one as opposed to doing them all.

In part, you’re likely very good good at one of the skills.

Additionally, people who visit your blog will likely be focused on that one topic.


Yoga is both exercise and a lifestyle. That’s what makes it a great niche.

It allows you to get healthy in more ways than just being active.

And, because it serves a lot of functions, you can help so many people.

Finally, probably the best thing about yoga is just about anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter what age, gender, size or fitness level you are, you can do yoga.


Learning is a life long journey that you can sometimes forget to do.

This is especially true when you’re in a comfortable time in your life where everything is going well.

So, if you’re looking for ways to grow as a person or blogger, the list above gives you a whole lot of ideas to try.

Many of them serve more than one purpose. So those are a good place to start.

What new skill would like to learn this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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