Teach English Online for VIPKID and Make Up to $2,000 a Month (Review)

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get paid teaching english to kidsDo you enjoy teaching kids or are you a teacher who wants to make extra money in your spare time? If so, you can teach English online for VIPKid and make as much as $2,000 a month.

With VIPKid, teachers and stay at home moms are teaching English to kids in China and getting paid between $14 to $22 an hour.

They have flexible schedules and get to maximize their teaching hours during their free time, which is why some of them do so for 3 or more hours a day.

This is a great way to earn extra cash without having to learn any new skill. After all, you already speak English on a daily basis.

Here’s how you can start earning money as a VIPKid teacher.

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What is VIPKid?

VIPKid is an online teaching platform that focuses on teaching English to children in China. Thus, it provides the children with a program allowing them to learn English as a second language (ESL).

The children you’ll be teaching are between 4 to 15 years old. And, classes are done on a one-to-one basis via video (using the VIPKid portal which looks like Skype or Facetime).

VIPKid is headquartered in Beijing, China. And, they only accept teaching applicants who are U.S. and Canadian residents. As such, you need to be able to adjust to the time zone difference since China is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Time.

This means that to teach the kids after they get out of school (4 p.m. onwards China Time), you’ll start working at 4 a.m. Eastern Time. The good news is that you can choose “later” schedules. This allows you to take classes that are between 8 a.m. to 12 noon (which is 8 p.m. to 12 midnight China time).

Additionally, you need to hold a bachelor’s degree (any major will do), and have some teaching experience (tutoring, mentoring and church classes count) to qualify.

How Much Can You Make With VIPKid?

As a VIPKid teacher, you are paid by every 25-minute class you teach. Thus, how much you end up making depends a lot on how much time you spend teaching. Plus, there’s a month-end bonus if you reach a certain class quota.

Here’s how the pay is broken down.

  • You earn between $7 to $9 for each 25-minute class you teach.
  • If you teach 45 or more classes a month, you earn an extra $2 per class.

So, on an hourly basis (with 10 minute rest periods), you earn between $14 to $18 an hour. However, the kicker lies in the $2 bonus per class once you teach more than 45 classes.

At $2 multiplied by 45 classes, that’s an extra $90 at least. If for example, you teach 2 classes a day (1-hour total) Mondays to Saturdays, that’s 2 classes a day x 24 or 25 days in a month, that comes out to an extra $96 to $100 in bonuses.

Of course, you can easily work more than 1 hour a day if you want to increase your earnings. Many teachers treat VIPKid as their full-time jobs. Thus, they work 40 or more hours a week teaching the kids.

This is why most VIPKid teachers say they average about $20 an hour doing 2 classes per hour.

How Do You Apply for VIPKid Jobs?

To apply for a teaching position with VIPKid, you will need to fill out their online application form. Additionally, you will also need to do a 30-minute mock teaching session. This will serve as your teaching interview allowing you to showcase your ability to VIPKid evaluators.

Here, you have two options.

  • Do it live via video with a VIPKid recruiter
  • Send in a recorded teaching demo for them to evaluate

It’s worth noting that VIPKid uses a structured curriculum based on slides. So, you don’t need to make your own lesson plans. This also standardizes everything for the students. This way they all learn the same thing upon finishing their courses.

This means you need to be able to follow the curriculum and teach the content they prescribe. And, you need to be able to do this during your teaching interview. The good news is, they will brief you on all the details by providing you with videos about their curriculum, standards, and technology so you can properly prepare for your mock class/interview beforehand.

As mentioned above, you will need to fulfill 3 other requirements in addition to your application form and teaching interview. These are:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree (any major is accepted)
  • Teaching experience with children (this can include tutoring and church classes)
  • Live and can legally work in the U.S. and Canada

What Happens After You’re Hired?

Once you’re hired, you’ll be asked to sign a contract. This involves a commitment of 6 months. After this, your contract may or may not be renewed depending on the reviews and feedback of students, their parents, and the number of classes you taught.

What Tools Do You Need?

When it comes to tools and equipment, you don’t need to create the lesson plans. PowerPoint presentations and curriculum. You can, however, create or use props you already have to help get your point through.

This is the case as many VIPKid teachers are full-time or part-time grade school or kindergarten teachers. As such, you may already have a lot of props for this.

That said, you will need some basic equipment to facilitate the communication process. These include:

  • Reliable Internet Connection. Ideally, you want a fast, reliable internet connection. Since you’ll be doing the lessons face to face real-time on VIPKid’s portal, you don’t want any choppiness or lag happening. One way to test things is to try conversing with friends on Skype or Facetime.
  • Headsets. Headsets help because they help you hear better by blocking out ambient noises around your home. If you live in a city where there can be fire trucks, cars honking, or other noises, this makes it easier to hear what the children are saying.
  • Microphone. To speak online, you’ll likewise need a microphone. You can use the built-in one that comes with your laptop.
  • Webcam. You’ll need this to allow your student to see you. if you’re using a laptop, it will likely already have a webcam with it.
  • Chrome or Firefox browser. You’ll need to have one of these browsers to use VIPKid’s portal.

How Do Students Find You?

In a way, VIPKid works somewhat like a social media or dating platform for the parents. You’ll set up a teacher profile in their parent’s portal. This will include photos of yourself, a short information bio, and video.

The video will be just 15 seconds long. Its main purpose is to greet the parents who will be choosing the teachers they want for their kids. VIPKid will supply you with a basic script. Although some teachers make their own. Others also add a lot of music, fancy editing, and special effects to make their profile page more enticing.

Additionally, parents also get to rate and provide feedback. This often comes after their kids have taken your class. Doing so helps other parents decide who they want to choose to teach their kids.

Like social media, parents can also “favorite” certain teachers to follow them and easily find them for future lessons.

Because it is the parents choosing for their children, you want your profile to cater to what they’re looking for. But, the most important thing would be to perform well so that parents will give you high ratings and good feedback.

Time Difference

As mentioned above, VIPKid is based in Beijing, China. And, the children you’ll be teaching also come from that country. Thus, you’ll need to be able to adjust to the time zone difference.

Schedules allow you to take classes from 4:00 am Eastern time onwards including weekends. So, you can lighten up the weekdays and load up on the weekends if you prefer that kind of schedule.

Similarly, the best times are between 9 p.m. to 12 midnight Friday and Saturday nights Beijing time. So, if you can work Saturday and Sunday mornings, you’ll be able to take advantage of this.

Alternatively, if you’re busy you can use VIPKid to supplement your income during summertime only. Many teachers do this as it allows it to focus on their full-time jobs during the school year and make extra money during the summer.

Since you’re able to make your own schedule and there are no minimum or maximum required hours, you can optimize your earnings based on the free time you have.

Preparing for Classes

Because of the structure, you don’t need to do a lot of prep in terms of curriculum and lesson plans. These will be provided for you so that you know how to deal with each student. The classes will also vary depending on what level the children are in

Lesson plans are supplied in PowerPoint format which makes it easy to practice if you want to brush up before your classes. It also eliminates the need for extra research on your part to figure out what to teach for each upcoming day.

The classes themselves are done via video. This allows you and your students to see, hear, and interact with one another in real-time.

Also, each class is 25 minutes long. This means time will fly by fairly quickly. So, while you may bring and use your own props to liven up the lessons, you’ll need to be aware of how long each subtopic is taking so as not to run out of time and not finish the lesson for that particular day.

Teaching the Children

With VIPKid, you’ll be teaching children who are between the ages of 4 and 15 years old. Like you, they’ll be studying from home. This means that that you’ll need to be able to keep their attention since you’ll be competing with many other distractions available.

Unlike the classroom, you’ll be competing with digital devices, television, siblings, pets, and other things around them. This is why most VIPKid teachers say that keeping the children’s attention is the most challenging part.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about poor behavior. This is very rare since they’re in a learning environment with a stranger. Additionally, their parents won’t likely be too far away from them which keeps them well behaved.


Teaching English online for VIPKid is not only very lucrative but also very fulfilling. You’re not only able to share your speaking skills but also helping someone across the globe learn something that will improve their future prospects.

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